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 50 Seconds - A Where It's YOU battle

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my law skillz r userless

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PostSubject: 50 Seconds - A Where It's YOU battle   Wed Sep 15, 2010 5:38 am

Pick what you think is the strongest Pokémon card in your starter deck, pick what you think is the weakest card in your deck and pick four energy cards.

Post these and the link to the cards. Then I will label every entrant and roll a dice. The entrant whose number corresponds to the number shown on the dice will use their strong Pokémon.

The other entrant will use their weak Pokémon. If there are 2+, they will all collaborate. The referee will collaborate if there is only one other entrant.

Anybody can enter as long as they have an account, and deck-only Pokémon, not single cards. Your starter deck Pokémon only.

Ready steady go.
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50 Seconds - A Where It's YOU battle
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