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 Vs Seeker [Battle Finder]

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my law skillz r userless
my law skillz r userless

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PostSubject: Vs Seeker [Battle Finder]   Sat Nov 17, 2012 4:14 am

Want a battle but don't know who to have it with, or just don't care? Search here! Format it like this:

Plain Arena

"what the" I hear you cry! Let me explain.

How many Pokémon each party uses (if you're cocky, you can try 2v1 or 3v4 or even higher, but it's generally normal that both parties use the same amount)
Pokémon stage restrictions (All means any Pokémon can be used, Basic means only basic Pokémon can be used, etc.)
You can describe the arena here. The arena can be used for drawbacks or boosts to the Pokémon - you could have in a fire cave with a 15% chance of a small eruption occurring or so. Always remember to state the odds for the referee.
Finally, move restrictions. No OHKOs mean no using moves like Guillotine. You can also have no self-destroying moves, or state specific moves (like Toxic or Attract).

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Vs Seeker [Battle Finder]
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