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 What is this Amendment Virus?

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my law skillz r userless
my law skillz r userless

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PostSubject: What is this Amendment Virus?   Tue Dec 28, 2010 6:51 am

The Amendment Virus is a virus that spreads through only humans; Pokémon cannot get it. The Amendment Virus takes merely three days to kill and infects people in waves, although people can spread it.

1st day: The victim will start to sweat and overheat. By the night, they will be freezing.
2nd day: In the morning, there are pains in the head which through the course of the day reach down to the toes.
3rd day: Using the inner powers of the humans, the virus hijacks all the human's magic and uses it to create other beings, which the humans have dubbed 'animals'. After the creation of the animal, the human will have used so much energy that the magic source will have had to sap power from the brain. The brain will die - as will the human.

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What is this Amendment Virus?
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