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 Welcome to TCGO

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PostSubject: Welcome to TCGO   Sat Aug 28, 2010 10:28 pm

You step into a small dark room. The room is empty, you are the only one- thing in there. "Take a step forward, please." A woman's voice echos through the whole room. She sounds shy, but that might just be her voice. Listening to what she said, you take a step forward.

Now you're in a whole new room. There are people rushing about from room to room. Some people talking on their mobiles. Some are even playing pranks, or so you think. "Hello." A voice says. It's an Arbok. She sounds sweet, but you keep your distance, just to be sure. "I'm guessing you'd like to know more about Trading Card Game Online, am I right?" She asks. You nod slowly. "Then follow me." She slithers away. You follow her through many different corridors and rooms before you finally arrive at where you're meant to be.

"This is the sign up room." The Arbok says. "I'm sure you'd like to sign up, yes?" You aren't sure what to say. "I'll explain the game while you think about it." She smiles sweetly (if Arbok can do that). "Take a seat." You don't have to hear her say it twice, so you quickly sit down on a seat, and get ready for her to explain.

"Trading Card Game Online, or TCGO for short, is run by Elecii. The way it works is you sign up at our sign up desk, then choose one starter deck. After that you can make your own statistics, you just go into the room and borrow one of our laptops to log everything into. After that you can start with battles. Go into our battle booth and check the recently requested battles book where you can pick a battle. You then send a private message through one of our laptops to a referee and they will accept or decline your battle. Then you can go to the battle stadium and have a battle there, or you can use a laptop and have a battle over AIM." And with that you set off to sign up.
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Welcome to TCGO
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