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 Lilian's Pokémon Hunt

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PostSubject: Lilian's Pokémon Hunt   Fri Jan 18, 2013 7:48 am

Lilian's Pokémon Hunt

“Good evening, my children,” the strange woman says, bowing her head. You feel strangely out of place in such a dark, candlelit room. No wonder nobody had ever mentioned it and you’d been left to find it on your own. “You look afraid, yet there is nothing to be scared of. My name is Lilian, and I am a psychic. I can find, in the great wilds, any Pokémon you wish. If you are hunting a certain Pokémon, I can help.”

You nod. The service sounds quite good. Of course, that is until Lilian begins to explain the fees...

Baby Pokémon

Basic Pokémon

1st Stage Pokémon

Non-evolving Pokémon

She will not haggle prices, but for Basic and 1st Stage, the price is negotiable between the displayed prices. You must catch the Pokémon yourself, though Lilian will lend you 1 Pokéball per 2 dollars spent.
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Lilian's Pokémon Hunt
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