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 Is that Tacomon's STATS!!!

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PostSubject: Is that Tacomon's STATS!!!   Sun Jan 06, 2013 10:14 am

Trainer Card
Name: Gandalf The Grey
Trainer Type:Wizard
Dream Pokemon:Alakazam
Starter Pokemon:Murkrow

Taka | M

The Wiz | M
[Newbie Promotion]

Luna | F
[Christmas Tree]

Anteater | M

Moo | F

Ol' Yeller | M

Amaterasu | M

Raiju | M

Anubis | M

Leaf | M

Telchines | F

Nekomata | F

Arctic | F

Grafigi | M

Eon | M
[The Home]

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Is that Tacomon's STATS!!!
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