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 League Challenge Rules

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PostSubject: League Challenge Rules   Mon Nov 26, 2012 8:32 am

  • No foul language here, and don't insult any other members.
  • You may colour your Pokémon in any colours or have them shiny. You may also give them different features, but nothing offensive.
  • Do not nickname your Pokémon anything offensive or rude, and do not give them a gender like "Tranny". It is either male, female or genderless.
  • Do not flame or start a flame war, and do not contribute to any flame war.
  • Do not insult any referees if you disagree with their refereeing. Message them and calmly explain what you think is wrong. If you're really bothered, PM an admin.
  • Do not add a Pokémon to your stats without having properly obtained it. I will be performing routine checks and if you are caught with a Pokémon you have not obtained and registered in the Pokémon Registration Topic, I will PM you and question your Pokémon's validity. If you cannot provide me with a reasonable explanation, I will wipe that Pokémon from your stats.
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League Challenge Rules
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