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 [User-run Gym] Museum of Mime

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my law skillz r userless

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PostSubject: [User-run Gym] Museum of Mime   Mon Nov 19, 2012 11:28 pm

Museum of Mime

  • You will fight with 3 Pokémon from a selected Gym Leader/Elite 4 member/Rival trainer/Champion from the official games
  • 3v3 Single Battle
  • No OHKO moves. This includes Perish Song & Destiny Bond.
  • Calms and Meditates are strictly banned.
  • Status effects (poison, paralysis, burn) are disallowed, but stat-raising moves are (Swords Dance, Amnesia, Nasty Plot, etc.)

The challenger and gym leader will select a Pokémon trainer from the official games and will use that trainer's Pokémon team. You can only, however, use Gym Leaders, Elite 4 members (including Champion) and Rivals. You can select any 3 of their Pokémon to use, though legendaries are prohibited if anyone uses them.

Application Form:
Gym Badges:

Your prize for victory will be a randomly generated number of Game Points between 1000-2000, the Mime Badge and an Old Amber.
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[User-run Gym] Museum of Mime
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