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 The Poor House [Sell your Pokémon, fossils & stones!]

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my law skillz r userless

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PostSubject: The Poor House [Sell your Pokémon, fossils & stones!]   Sun Oct 28, 2012 7:21 am

If you have less than 100 Game Points, you are entitled to receive a top-up from any admin (Elecii and I). You can increase the top-up amount by explaining why you need more money.

You can also sell your Pokémon here. You cannot sell your starter Pokémon at any point in time. An admin will suggest a selling price and you can haggle for a little while, though they will decide the final price. If you really have a problem with the price, contact another admin. Their say will be the final say. If you do not like it, please do not complain or try and flame the admin. If you continue arguing after the final judgement, you may be banned.

You can also sell fossils here, 750 Game Points per fossil! This is a good place to sell off fossils you don't want to revive that you have gained from a Gym Leader.

Finally, you can sell evolution stones for 100 Game Points a stone. Please do not buy evolution stones with the intention of selling them! It can be a bother for the admins to add and remove all the points. You will receive a warning first time, and after repeat offences, you may be faced with a ban.

Also, you may complete a series of questions to receive some Game Points. You can choose two types of questions: Pokémon Trivia & General Trivia. Your final reward will be decided through the difficulty of the questions and your current amount of points. If you deem the judgement to be unfair, PM an admin with your reasons.
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The Poor House [Sell your Pokémon, fossils & stones!]
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